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EDGE Engineering is excited to formally announce the acquisition of HT&J, a Houston based engineering firm with a history of providing high quality work focused in H&H analysis and design for public sector clients. This strategic partnership rapidly accelerates EDGE’s footprint across Texas and provides clients with an even deeper bench of drainage engineering expertise.

EDGE is an Austin based, locally owned and operated, general Civil Engineering firm that specializes in big picture and holistic solutions. The firm is experienced in leveraging cutting EDGE technology to benefit engineering analysis and design. The team's long track record of delivering successful infrastructure projects across the state has led them to develop a strong level of personal connection and trust within the industry.

EDGE is HUB and DBE certified, but this is not what defines it. EDGE is defined by the unique, diverse, and talented group of people that work at the company. EDGE strives for a workplace that promotes open-mindedness and fosters a safe place for creativity.

Firm Certifications:

HUB - Historically Underutilized Business (State of Texas)

DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (City of Houston, Texas Unified Certification Program)

MBE - Minority Business Enterprise (Cities of Houston and Austin)

SBE - Small Business Enterprise (TxDOT)

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Staff Certifications:

CFM - Certified Floodplain Manager

ENV SP - Envision Sustainability Professional

TxDOT Precertifications:

  • 2.3.1        Wetland Delineation

  • 2.4.1        Nationwide Permit

  • 2.4.2        Clean Water Act Sec. 404

  • 3.2.1        Route Studies & Schematic Design

  • 4.2.1        Roadway Design

  • 8.1.1        Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization

  • 9.1.1        Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Development

  • 9.3.2        Accessibility Design

  • 10.1.1      Hydrologic Studies

  • 10.2.1      Roadway Hydraulic Design

  • 10.3.1      Bridge Hydraulic Design

  • 10.4.1      Storm Water Pump Station - Hydraulic Design

  • 10.5.1      Bridge Scour Eval. And Analysis

  • 10.8.1      FEMA Regulations and Permits

  • 17.5.1      Civil Engineering

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